Passage Tracking for Cruisers

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Located in the picturesque Bay of Islands of New Zealand, Northland Radio (callsign ZMH292) is a private maritime coast radio station that tracks recreational cruising vessels crossing any of the world’s oceans.

If a vessel unexpectantly stops reporting in daily, I assess whether it is likely to be in difficulty, and when appropriate, advise the rescue coordination centre (RCC) for the area concerned.

For vessels within radio range of my station, I provide a daily check in service over MF/HF radio. Vessels outside my service area (or not fitted with MF/HF radio) are able to check in daily using email.

Whilst my services are offered free of charge, vessel captains are requested to make an appropriate donation to help cover operating costs.


I very much appreciate the assistance of my sponsors. Please consider purchasing their products and services.
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